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Turn your website into a mobile app from as little as £299,

If you don’t have a mobile friendly site you will get left behind. The trend is towards mobile, those businesses that are following this trend are gaining loyalty from their customers who are returning more frequently as they have a constant reminder of your business on their mobile phone which rarely leaves their side.

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If you need to create more customers,more business and get your customers returning to you more frequently then get your App created today.

We will deliver your App within 4 days subject to your site being built on the appropriate platform.

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How does it work?

When customers visit your site they will be presented with an iOS pop-up instructing them to install your app with one click

Auto-detects users device to display the correct one-click instructions

Uses any customer call to action to turn every visitor into an app install

Auto detects phone numbers on your site and turns them into touch-to-call links

Customise the iOS status bar

No bookmarks or other browser buttons to distract the user from your app

External links open in Safari keeping your app open in the background

Your web App installs on the users home screen with a professional, fully customisable App icon

Users see your App every time they use their iPhone

Powerful branding effect

Become the first place users go every time they need the service you offer.

Custom start screen loads instantly when users open your app

WordPress site loads in the background keeping the end user entertained

Most iPhones browse on slow 3g networks – Loading screens are crucial

Lowers bounce rate substantially

Your app loads inside Apples web kit instead of their Safari Web Browser giving you full control over the users experience

No navigation bar for the user to leave your site/app

Complete control over the users experience

No distracting browser buttons

Automatically detects users device and language settings then displays the correct instructions in their native language

You can customise the pop up message to incentivise installing the web app with any call to action

Customise the pop-ups animation to give it an organic feel

Set the pop up on a delay, or let it disappear after a few seconds to enhance the visitors experience

Ability to target only returning visitors by not showing the pop up on the first visit.

Full control over when the visitors will see the pop-up again after closing it- remarket to get the maximum app install

Pop-up only displays to iPhone users who do not have the app installed

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