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Google Glass Crawley Computer Centre

Google Glass Next Level of Computing: Google Glass With the motto of ‘sharing the world through your eyes,’ Google came up with Project Glass, which is seamless, beautiful, and empowering. Google Glass is a ground-breaking innovation in nascent wearable computing marketplace.  The Good: Google Glass is an

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PC Repairs Crawley

PC Repairs How to take care of your PC It is important to take care of your PC to ensure its longevity and effectiveness and avoid PC repairs where possible. Here’s a handy guide to care of any of the PC regardless of the type of computer

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Why and How to Build your Computer?

Build My Computer Building your Computer Building your own customised computer from a scratch, might be intimidating but it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying projects a technical enthusiast can undertake. So, get your sleeves rolled up, let your creativity and imagination go wild and

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Hard Drive Repairs

Hard Drive Repairs Hard Drive Technician Crawley Computer Centre Has your hard disk slowed down causing windows to take longer to load or making unusual sounds when being accessed?  If you have any of these issues you may need the hard disk repaired or replaced. Standard hard

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Apple computer repairs

Apple Malware Removal Apple Computer Repairs We now repair most issues on Apple computers and laptops in our Crawley workshop so if your system is running slow, not booting, has a cracked screen, hard drive failure, memory failing, freezing or you think it would benefit from a

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Upgrading your computer

Upgrade Your PC Crawley Computer Centre

Computer Upgrade Upgrading Your Computer Crawley If you find your computer or laptop is running slow and struggling to run apps it may be time to look into upgrading your system to help it run faster. There are benefits of upgrading against buying a new computer, the

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Are you still running Windows XP

Windows XP Upgrading Windows XP If the answer is yes, you are not alone almost 30% of computers connected to the internet are still running Windows XP. It was first released in 2001 and you may find comfort to continue to use an operating system you have

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Faster Hard drive upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrade in Crawley Solid State Drive SSD is a storage device that runs at a very high speed so giving fast access to your programs and data. The main reason for this is the design, it no longer has the spinning metal platters used in

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Computer Repairs in Crawley That You Can Trust

Computer Repairs Crawley Computer Centre Computer Repairs in Crawley Is your computer running significantly slower than it did on the day you bought it? Have you noticed that it is taking longer to download documents and applications than it used to? The problem might not be due

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