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Industry News

What Flashlight Apps Can Do- A Threat Assessment Report

flashlight apps

Flashlight Apps Report Flashlight Apps Information There are hundreds of apps now available in app store or in play store and flashlight apps is one of them. If you’ve got one of those flashlight apps on your smart phone, here are tips and report that you have

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FireChat App

Firechat App Crawley Computer Centre

FireChat used by protesters in Hong Kong FireChat is similar to whatsapp but you dont need an internet connection.  All you need is bluetooth and you can use this text messaging App.  Unfortunately it is not secure. Video about FireChat App FireChat, an app that lets users

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Google Glass, Massive Improvement.

Google Glass Google Glass Features Google glass is a type of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display. It was developed by Google; it displays information like a smart phone but its hands free. The Google Glass prototype resembled standard eyeglasses with the lens replaced by a head-up display. In

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2014 predictions by Crawley Computer Centre

2014 predictions by Crawley Computer Centre

Build My Computer Crawley Computer Centre 2014 Predictions 1. Security Information Technology Security was consistently hitting the headlines in 2014 organised Hactivists (hacking for a cause) have set their sights on large organisations and even government departments.  The UK Government takes ‘cyber’ security seriously and has recently

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