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iPhone 6 Reversible USB Cable

iphone 6

iPhone 6 Launch iPhone 6 Features Apple could release a new version of its Lightning iPhone and iPad cable with the iPhone 6 that can be plugged into a USB port either way up. Find out more about it here. Apple could release a new version of

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10 Best iOS Apps of 2014

Best iOS Apps Iphone and Ipad Apps What’s an iPad without apps?From games and social to photography to a better address book, these are the awesome off-the-beaten path iPhone and ipad apps that you need now. From slick expenses-trackers to video-centric coding tutorials, we covered a lot

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IPhone Keyboard App For Fat Fingers

IPhone Keyboard App

IPhone App IPhone Keyboard App Do you have a fat fingers? Its not a problem anymore now you have an iphone app that’s best for fat finger users. Find out more about it here. Apple’s move to open up system-wide access to third-party IPhone Keyboard App has

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iPhone Apps May Access User Contacts and Track Location

iphone apps

Different iPhone Apps iPhone Apps Virus There are thousands of apps released for iphones right now. But not all of them are genuine and reliable. Some are used to spy what you are doing, your contacts, even your location. Find out about this apps here. Research conducted

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Iphones was Infected by Apple-focused Malware Using Mac

Apple-focused Malware Iphones A new kind of malicious software strikes at Mac OS X and iPhone users in China, according to a just-released security report. Apple’s phones and tablets are underneath conflict in China from a new kind of malware that uses Macs to get during inclination

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Iphone and Ipad Microsoft Office For Free

iphone and ipad

Iphone and Ipad Microsoft Office For Iphone and Ipad Microsoft is offering free upgraded versions of its Office software for iPhones and iPads, giving away a full free version of Office would have earned a Microsoft. Find out more information about it here. SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft

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iMessage Deregister Tool for Former iPhone Users


Deregister  iMessage iMessage of iPhone Users Apple has released a web tool designed to make it easier for former iPhone owners to disable iMessage, restoring SMS messaging functions after switching to an Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry handset. You may need to turn off iMessage if you

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Apple iWatch Comes From Ipod


Apple iWatch Apple iWatch Review Its been a long time since Apple announced a new iPod touch. Apple hasn’t had a new iPod since 2012. Apple show off a wearable device at its September iPhone event. The New Apple iWatch. Apple hasn’t had a new iPod since

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What is iPhone WireLurker Malware?

  iPhone Malware iPhone WireLurker Malware WireLurker malware threatening Macs, iPads and iPhones has, for now, been partially neutralized. Its a new malware that collects your information from your Iphones, Ipads and macs. Most people today know that Apple products aren’t bulletproof. There’s a scary new piece

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iPad Air 2: The Most for Any iOS Device Yet

ipad air 2

iPad Air 2 iPad Air 2 Review Apple has announced the iPad Air 2, with a gold colour option, a thinner body, and a faster A8X chip. It’s slimmer, lighter and faster, while the screen innovations are just what we’ve been looking for. Here’s everything you need

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