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PS4: Sony release update 2.01 to solve Rest Mode Error

Sony PS4

Sony PS4 Sony PS4 Update Sony have revealed their 2.01 system update that solves Rest Mode errors faced by Playstation 4 users is now available for download. Sony confirmed PS4 users who had been affected by the problem of not being able to boot-up their consoles from

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PlayStation 4 Sells More Than10 Million Units

Sony PS4

PlayStation 4 Sony PlayStation 4 More than 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold worldwide, CEO Jim Ryan announced at Sony’s Gamescom press conference. PS4 is a home video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment. Learn more about PS4 here. Sony said Wednesday that global sales

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The Last of Us: The Best-selling PS3 Games of 2013

the last of us

The Last of Us The Last of Us PS3 Game Are you a fan of The Last of Us games on Ps3? No wonder its 2013 best-selling ps3 games. The Last of Us is genre-defining experience action-adventure survival horror video game. Find out more about it here.

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Xbox Music Streaming: Microsoft is Killing It

xbox music streaming

Xbox Music Streaming Xbox Music Streaming Service Microsoft will no longer plug the free version of xbox music streaming service starting on December 1. They decide to focus on its subscription plan alone. Check out here for more info about this news. Microsoft will pull the plug

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HBO Apps Now on PS3

hbo apps

HBO Apps HBO Apps Review A free app lets you watch every episode of every season of HBO’s shows on your PlayStation 3. No release date yet for the PlayStation 4 version. Find out more about it here.   Sony has today announced that HBO apps Go

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Wii U: Console’s Most Common Problems

nintendo wii u

Wii U Nintendo Wii U The Nintendo Wii U is a powerful piece of gaming tech, but it also gets knocked down a peg by hardware/software problems. Here’s a look at the most common problems on one of the most popular video game consoles- Nintendo Wii U.

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Xbox One Offers Great Deals in the Market

xbox repairs crawley computer centre

Xbox Repairs Crawley Computer Centre Xbox is one of the few technologies that have been developed nowadays. It also offers entertainment and leisure. Most people dream to have one, are you too? But before buying a new one, take a look at what this console is about and see

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Xbox One: The Newest and Powerful

xbox one

Xbox One™ Launched Xbox One™ vs PS4 Do you have the new Xbox One™? Xbox One™ is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft® it was launched last May 2013 as the successor of Xbox 360®. The Xbox One™ is a brilliant console that many

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All About PS3

Sony PlayStaytion 3 Features Sony Video Game Console The Sony PlayStation® dynasty has released in the market since the introduction of the original Pl­ayStation in 1994, PS one® in 2000, PS2® in 2000 and the PlayStation® 3 in 2006.  Although PlayStation® 3 is not the latest it

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PS3 Repairs, Do it For Us

PS3 Repairs Gaming Console Repairs The PS3 is another gaming console manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment, might not be as good as the PS4 because well it’s the PS4 it’s more advanced, but the PS3 also has good features that everybody still loves and adores. Video about

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