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PS4 Repairs, the Game We Die For

PS3 Repairs PS4 Repairs in Horley The PS3 was okay, it was a great gaming console, but the PlayStation 4 has now taken over the market, with bigger and better features. The PlayStation4 is a video gaming console from Sony Computer Entertainment. It was announced as the

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PS3 Repairs, We’re Loving This

PS3 Repairs PS3 Repairs in Horley When these babies came out for the first time everybody wanted one, there are people out there that still want one , I mean come on they have some pretty good features if you ask me, Sony just keeps on surprising

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Sony PS4 Repairs, It’s like No Other

Sony PS4 Repairs Gaming Consoles Common Issues This game is the best gaming console ever that Sony has invented for us all, for all you gamers out there you’re going to love this one, graphics like never before, internet speed and roaming like never before and online

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How Nintendo Brought Revolution in Video Gaming Industry

Wii Repairs Crawley Computer Centre History of Video Games The history of computers and video games dates back to 1950’s. Simple games and artificial intelligence programs came into being as research work by academicians. But, it was in 1970’s (Computer Space by Nutting Associates in 1971; Pong

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PS3 Issues and their Repair Ideas

PS3 Repairs Crawley Computer Centre PS3 Issues and Repairs The home video gaming console by Sony, PlayStation 3 is the seventh generation of video-game consoles. With a vast range of gaming options available, it has a huge number of loyal users. However, what to do when system

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TECH REVIEW: 8th Generation Consoles: Which one is worth spending on?

PS3 Repairs 8th Generation Consoles The Eighth Generation Console family started with Sony introduced their PS4 in November, 2013 that enabled the user to stream video-game content between devices. Nintendo launched its Wii U, and Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One within a few days in the same month. Wii

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XBox Repairs Crawley

Xbox Repairs Crawley Computer Centre

Xbox Repairs Tech Help: Long Live Your Xbox Whether you love your Xbox for it’s range of games available, motion sensor Kinect or the feature of playing Netflix movies, and television programmes, Xbox 360 is popular worldwide. If you are one of them, you would wonder how

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Wii Repairs Crawley

Wii Repairs Wii U: Why should you own one? When talking about gaming consoles, Nintendo Wii faces a tough competition from industry’s leading names: PlayStation and Xbox. Then, why should you own a Wii U? According to the current global trends, Wii has sold around 100 million consoles

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