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Scams Viruses Hoaxes Malware

Computer Scam CryptoLocker Holds Files For Ransom

The new Computer Scam “CryptoLocker” CryptoLocker computer scam hijacks computers, takes over your files, and holds it for ransom How much would you pay if someone hijacked your computer files and demanded a fee for their safe return?Malicious software named CryptoLocker is currently infecting computers via poisoned e-mail

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Masque Attack Hides Malware As Legit iOS Apps

Masque Attack malware in iOS A new malware called Masque Attack targets both secure and jailbroken iPhones The new malware after Wirelucker that still targets iOS devices, a malware called Masque Attack. It can affect your device regardless of whether your computer’s on Wi-Fi or connected to a

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Spyware on US-made Hardware


Spyware Removal NSA Reportedly Intercepts US-made Internet Routers to Install Spyware. They plant data gathering “backdoors” and other spywares before they are exported and delivered to the international customers. Find out more about it here. The National Security Agency has been allegedly accessing routers, servers, and other

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Anti-Virus Secures Passwords Too!


Anti-Virus Software Antivirus software are programs which can detect, prevent and clean up computer viruses which may attempt to infect your computer system. It can also protect and secure your passwords. You can freely shopping online, make personal and business transaction safely. People spend endless hours in

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Facebook Scams Can Hit Anyone: Top 5 Bait Categories in Last 2 Years

facebook scams

Facebook Scams Anyone can fall victim to facebook scams. A two-year study by the antivirus software provider reveals that scammers infect millions of Facebook users with the same tricks. Learn some tips on protecting yourself against scams here.   Anyone could fall victim to Facebook scams, such

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iOS: The Most Secure Mobile OS in Spyware Report


Mobile OS in Spyware Report Unlike Android, BlackBerry, and older versions of Windows Phone, IOS can’t be touch by a spyware unless the device was jailbroken. Apple’s iOS has emerged as the most spyware-proof mobile operating system in a test conducted by a surveillance software and hardware

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Dyre Banking Trojan: US-CERT Warns of Phishing Campaign Spreading

dyre banking trojan

Dyre Banking Trojan Malware US-CERT has warned that the Dyre malware is spreading via malicious. online bankers and stealing their user credentials in a new phishing campaign. Find out more about the latest news here. A new phishing campaign employs the Dyre banking Trojan to steal account

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Dyre Banking Trojan: US-CERT warns

Dyre Banking Trojan in an email Spreading Dyre Banking Trojan through emails, US-CERT warns An alert from US-CERT warns of a malicious malware email campaign of the spreading of Dyre Banking Trojan. It was seen siphoning bank credentials from large enterprises and major financial institutions. Find out more about

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Android Anti-Virus Applications: Important Facts

android anti-virus

Android Anti-Virus Applications Android does have more malware issues than any other smartphone operating system. Mobile antivirus solutions rely on signature detection at best. Here are some important facts about Android anti-virus applications. Depending on which side of the fence you stand, Android anti-virus (AV) apps are

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Malware Incident: How to response?

malware removal

Malware What measures can you take to make it difficult for malware to perform those actions on your computer? Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take when dealing with a malware outbreak and some tools that can help you along the way.

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