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Scams Viruses Hoaxes Malware

Save your Computer from Havoc of Viruses

Virus removal crawley computer centre

Virus Removal Computer Virus Computers are important to everyone, whether its for class assignments, working, playing games, networking or staying updated with the latest news or gossip.  You probably spend most of your time using it. When using the Internet, you may come across many viruses and

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Is your website under a DDos attack?

DDos Attack Website under a DDos attack Even if you have standard security on your website it can still be taken down by a DDos attack. First you will notice a lot of traffic to your site and maybe you go over your bandwidth for no apparent

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Paypal Scam

Paypal scam tips Crawley Computer Centre

Paypal Scam Paypal Scam Security Tips Crawley Scammers have been targeting PayPal accounts for years. However there is good news because there are always tell tale signs to spot a scammer. Scams are getting more sophisticated so it’s important to familiarise yourself with these before clicking links

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Facebook Account Locked Malware Warning

Malware Removal Malware on Facebook Account We have known for sometime that Facebook is a common place to pick up viruses, with such a huge community and anyone able to create their own pages its a massive target for malware distributors. We recently observed a new variant

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Police Virus – effective virus removal is not an easy task

Virus Removal Police virus removal explained Have you been unlucky enough to contract the nasty virus that claims to be a Police warning? Have you been falsely been accused of crimes by a pop-up on your computer? Is your machine not booting into Windows with nothing but

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