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BlackBerry takes another shot at a tablet


BlackBerry Company The company partners with Samsung to modify a Galaxy Tab tablet with high-security software, as the firms go after business and government customers. BlackBerry is taking another stab at the tablet business, albeit through a backdoor. On Saturday, at the CeBIT tech conference in Germany,

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Android phones will follow in the new MacBook’s USB-C footsteps

Android phones

Android phones Apple was the first major company to throw its weight behind USB Type-C with a flagship product – the new Macbook – but Google isn’t far behind. The search company launched its own brand new notebook, the second-gen Chromebook Pixel, with USB Type-C this week

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Report says, Microsoft’s Cortana will find its way to iOS, Android


 Microsoft’s Cortana The virtual personal assistant would be a standalone app, available in the Google Play marketplace and Apple App Store, and work just as it does on Windows Phone Apple personal virtual assistant, Siri, might soon be competing for your time with Microsoft’s Cortana. Cortana will

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Nexus 6 to land at Verizon on Thursday

nexus 6

Nexus 6 Review The popular phone, which is already available at rival carriers, will sell for $250 and can be purchased online starting Thursday and in stores starting March 19. Verizon has finally joined the other major US carriers in offering the Nexus 6 phone. In a

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Android 5.1 starts hitting Nexus devices

Android 5.1

Android 5.1 Review T-Mobile shows the latest Android OS update as available for the Nexus 4 and 5, while Sprint says it’s rolling out for the Nexus 6. Owners of certain Nexus mobile devices should be on the lookout for Android 5.1. Announced by Google on Monday,

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Microsoft sues Kyocera over Android smartphones

android smartphones

Android smartphones Microsoft is seeking a US ban on sales of several Kyocera Android smartphones that it contends violates its patents. Microsoft is suing Japanese electronics firm Kyocera, alleging the company’s Duraforce, Hydro, and Brigadier Android smartphones violate seven of Microsoft patents. Amid the smartphone industry’s ongoingpatentwars,

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​Google is said building Android for virtual reality hardware


Android for virtual reality Google is reportedly working on a new version of Android, turning the mobile OS into a platform for virtual reality.   According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has a small team of engineers working on a version of Android for virtual reality

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Acer Liquid Jade Z Review

Acer Liquid Jade Z

Acer Liquid Jade Z Acer’s latest edition is a cheaper version of an already competitively priced phone and it doesn’t lose much of its good spec in the journey to find a lower price. Back at CES 2015 Acer revealed its new flagship Liquid Jade S and

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Ubuntu Phone Review

Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu Phone For anyone who has become frustrated with both major operating systems, the streamlined and more intelligently designed, intuitive interface of Ubuntu for smartphones shows more attention to detail than either iOS or Android, though whether it’s revolutionary enough to succeed is debatable. The tech landscape

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HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Review Samsung and HTC each improved this generation of smartphone, but some design decisions may have customers choosing one over the other — and it may not be the one you think. I’ve now had a couple days to think about the time I

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