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Death of the Password

2015: The death of the password?

Death of the password

In 2004 Bill Gates predicted the death of the password. It now feels that we’re moving closer to seeing Gates’ prediction come to fruition, but why has it taken so long?

Death of the Password

Rumours of the death of the password appear to have been greatly exaggerated in the past. But, dare we say it, it does look as if 2015 could be the year when tedious password-based log-in will be replaced by smart context-aware security solutions on mobile devices that know where a user is and whether their location, actions and biometrics (not just voice and fingerprint but ear biometrics and measuring the way you walk) match expected patterns.

Only last month Microsoft threw its weight behind alternatives to passwords, blogging about plans to secure Windows 10 with authentication that could combine a traditional PIN with biometrics, such as a fingerprint, to allow the user to sign in to any supported mobile service. Android mobile makers have embraced fingerprint authentication for accessing the phone, while Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint identification feature authenticates access to Apple Pay and now the Apple Watch apps.

Video About Death of Password

Tech giants are responding to a groundswell of opinion that we are all getting sick of having to remember hundreds of passwords. The younger generation is driving this – 16 to 24 year old consumers in the UK have the greatest appetite for biometric security measures and the greatest need to use them in place of traditional authentication such as passwords – because they are simply failing to use passwords – according to research from Visa Europe.

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