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Seagate Seven

Seagate Seven: Portable drives just keep getting thinner

Seagate Seven Review

The Seagate Seven portable drive is razor-thin, has fast performance and includes helpful backup software. The drive is also very rugged and aesthetically pleasing.

Seagate Seven

With a stainless steel chassis just 7mm thick, the Seagate Seven is the thinnest portable drive in the world which uses a mechanical hard disk, as opposed to an SSD. The drive is slimmer than a smartphone, so you’ll have no trouble slipping it in your pocket when you need to carry a large amount of data with you.

The drive comes with a braided USB cable, which feels classy, and the single blue activity LED is subtle enough not to prove distracting. You can disable this light altogether through Seagate’s software suite if you prefer.

Video About Seagate Seven

In order to make such a slim drive, Seagate has used a 5mm hard disk, which spins at 5,400RPM and has just 16MB of cache. The fact Seagate has to use such a slim drive also means the Seven is only available in one capacity, so if 500GB isn’t enough you’ll need to look for a different disk.

The 5,400RPM spin speed means the drive won’t be breaking any performance records. In our file transfer tests, it managed to write large files at 84.6MB/s and read them at 105.9MB/s – a distinctly average result from a mechanical disk. Small file speeds were unsurprisingly slower, but 20.6MB/s writes and 55.6MB/s reads are still better than average for a portable hard disk.

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Source:Tom Morgan

Image Source:Jose Antonio Suarez