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iOS 8.3

Apple’s CarPlay gets wireless support with iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3 Review

Vehicle owners with CarPlay installed will soon be able to connect their phones to the platform without the need for cables.

ios 8.3

Apple is preparing an iOS update that will allow iPhones to connect wirelessly to cars equipped with a CarPlay-compatible dash display.

Apple yesterday pushed out the first beta of iOS 8.3 to developers, revealing its plan to add Wireless CarPlay support. Developers who have access to the beta shared the feature with somepublications.

Given iOS 8.2 is still in a later beta stage and due for release alongside the Apple Watch, iOS 8.3 won’t be arriving on handsets for some months yet. However, the new wireless feature’s eventual arrival will be welcome news for anyone that owns a vehicle with CarPlay installed or, potentially people who’ve bought an aftermarket CarPlay compatible unit from Pioneer.

Video About iOS 8.3

Currently, an iPhone needs to be connected to the car via a Lightning cable, which then brings up Apple’s custom dash display. The display can be controlled either using the touch panel or by voice control through Siri.

Whether iPhone owners can wirelessly connect to CarPlay, however, will depend on whether their vehicle manufacturer supports the feature: Volvo for example has previously said it is working on a wireless connection.

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Image Source: Hassan Hassanine