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password security

Password Security: Things you should know about!

Password Security Review

Passwords are the first line of defense that we have to protect ourselves from hackers and others who have ill intentions. Why is it important to keep your password secret? Here are some important points that everyone needs to know.

password security

If you use the internet the way a normal person does, password security management is a pain. Dozens of passwords for dozens or services clogging your brain. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the last two months using the new service Triberr, we invited a group of bloggers to work as brand ambassadors on behalf of our password manager KEY, which makes securing your accounts simple. They tried KEY out and shared their experience with their readers. From them, we were reminded that there are some password truths we take for granted.

 Video About Password Security


Here are five important points they made that everyone needs to know.

1. People are sick of changing their passwords.
It’s constant warning, “Passwords breached. Change all your passwords!”

Not only do we have to put up with our trust being breached, as Breakthrough Radio’s Michele Price pointed out, we have to take the time to change all our passwords ourselves.

If you’re a regular reader of Safe and Savvy, you know that experts aren’t being sincere when they tell you to change all your passwords, all the time.

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