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Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC: Adobe’s mobile design strategy finds its center

Adobe Comp CC Review

Adobe Comp CC is a great mobile tool for designers immersed in the Creative Cloud ecosystem who want to prototype layouts on an iPad.

Adobe Comp CC

If you’re a designer, and have the motive or opportunity to create a usable comp from start to finish on-the-go, you are in luck. Adobe has launched Comp CC, a new iPad app that lets designers work with their Creative Cloud account to quickly fashion a usable comp — complete with the same assets you would use in the final version.

Comp CC seeks to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop for creating layouts for all kinds of projects.

With Comp CC, you could begin your mobile, web or print layout on the subway, stop off at the coffee shop and tweak it some more, and by the time you arrive at the office (on time, of course) you just need to upload your work to the computer and place the final touches.

Video About Adobe Comp CC

Adobe envisions this “connected creativity” as increasingly useful because the creative process today so often involves touch screens. Apps like Comp CC seek to remove the barriers between creative ideas and their implementation. Not only does the app let you sketch out drafts, but you also can access the exact files, colors, shapes, drawings, photos, brushes and fonts you need for your final prototype.

In a sense, Comp CC replaces the napkin or notebook page you might grab (or another app like Paper or Bamboo) to quickly sketch out an idea. Working with Comp CC on the iPad, you can immediately record your sketch and use it without having to recreate it later.

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Image Source:Brad Boad