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Apple Photos app

Apple Photos app: Mac OS X update brings brand new image management tool

Apple Photos app

Apple announced a brand-new Photos app for Mac OS X alongside Yosemite, but we’re been waiting a long time to get our hands on.

Apple Photos app

How often have you wanted to show a friend a photo on your iPhone, only to remember that you took it on a previous phone so that particular image is safely stored on your computer at home?

That annoying scenario is about to become history, thanks to the new Photos app available on Mac as well as iPhone and iPad. So what’s wrong with the iPhoto program on the Mac, you ask?

Video About Apple Photos app

Nothing, but the Photos app is the next stage and looks very similar to the iPhone and iPad versions – another example of Apple bringing its iOS and OSX products closer. This is excellent and the greater synergy saves so much brain ache as you don’t have to remember two different ways to move an image, edit it and so on.

It works in conjunction with iCloud Photo library so you can see all your photos wherever you are. They’ll be accessible on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and any computer with an internet connection via iCloud.com. As of now, iCloud Photo Library is available through the Mac, thanks to the program emerging in the last few hours from beta to its full glory.

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Source:David Phelan

Image Source:PhotoAtelier