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WhatsApp on Apple’s iPhone must update NOW

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp Voice Calling is being rolled out slowly across the globe with users only able to access it via invitation from a friend. Find out more about it here.



It’s been a long time coming but WhatsApp is finally bringing its new voice call feature to iPhone.Apple users can now update WhatsApp, via the App Store, to gain access to the function, which allows you to call friends and family over the internet for free.

The service has been available to Android users for a number of weeks and is now being rolled out on Apple’s iOS platform.WhatsApp fans can even use the voice call service to speak, for free, anywhere in the world – all they need is a WiFi and data connection.

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WhatsApp’s latest feature hasn’t even landed most mobiles yet, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting banned already.According to reports, the free calling service has just been blocked in the United Arab Emirates by telecoms provider Etisalat.

It’s currently unclear why the ban has been put in place, but it’s likely that the mobile operator simply doesn’t want people making calls for free over its network.The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority confirmed in statement that it was up to operators to decide to allow Voice Over Internet Protocol (VIOP), saying: “VoIP services are still a prerogative of the licensed providers who reserve the right to provide such services through their networks.

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