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Asus C300M

Asus C300M: A colourful Chromebook that balances price and performance

Asus C300M Review

With battery life that goes on and on, the Asus C300M is a lightweight laptop for people on the move. You’ll need to be a big fan of bright colours though.

Asus C300M

Who’d have thought it? The Chromebook is all grown-up. Early reviews of these cloud-connected lightweight laptops were a little sniffy, but the Samsung Series 3 in late 2012 silenced much of that criticism. Now a new wave of bigger, better and bolder devices are coming through – still inexpensive, still portable, but with much more power.

The Asus C300M is such a device. With its dual-core Intel N2380 CPU, it has low-end specs for a laptop but more processing power than most other Chromebooks.

Video About Asus C300M

It’s not the first to market with more screen for your money. In fact there are devices that have broken through the 1080p display barrier. The C300M doesn’t – but the design, specs, performance and price-point still make for a machine that’s worth a look. But a word of warning first, you may need to put on your sunglasses…

With a slim profile boasting a height of 20.3mm from lid to base, the fanless C300M has Ultrabook styling and Chromebook mobility. At 339mm wide and 230mm deep, the 13.3-inch screen is part of a trend towards larger displays. The first wave of 11.6-inch Chromebooks, like the now classic Samsung Series 3, are beginning to look like toys in comparison.

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Image Source:Harry Sufehmi