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Origin EON15-X

Origin EON15-X Review

Origin EON15-X

The EON15-X proves how much performance Origin can put a 15.6-inch gaming laptop complete with a desktop processor.

Origin EON15-X

Desktop performance in a gaming laptop is something we’ve chased forever. The latest and greatest components including Nvidia’s Maxwell GPU series have taken mobile computing closer than it’s ever been to a solid 60 frames per second.

This year, the line that separates gaming desktops and laptops is getting even blurrier. Both MSI and Alienware have developed external GPU boxes to give notebooks an extra kick of performance from a desktop graphics card. Now, Origin has thrown a desktop processor inside its latest EON15-X.

Video About Origin EON15-X

I’m not joking around. The 15.6-inch Origin EON15-X has a full-size desktop processor tucked inside with the CPU bracket and all. What’s more, this machine also comes equipped with the best GPU currently available, the Nvidia GTX 980M. These top-tier parts work together to make the EON15-X one of the best performing machines I’ve ever tested.

Last year the Origin EON17-S wowed us with its subtle design. The EON15-X takes the company’s reserved styling one step farther. Gone are the flared dimples on the back of the screen lid, leaving a flat and simple rubberized top with a few angular lines and a silver Origin logo printed in the center.

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Image Source:Marcio Fontana