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Sony PlayStation®4

Sony Playstation 4 Goes Grey in its 20th Year

Sony PlayStation®4 Review

Grey is the new colour of Sony PlayStation®4 after 20 years

Sony PlayStation®4 in grey is a limited version of PS4™  on its 20th year since the first release of Sony PlayStation® back in the early 90’s. Not in its usual black paint cover, the Sony PlayStation®4 in grey will have the same features as the traditional PS4™ but will come in a special box and it’s on sale for all PS4™ shoppers.

Sony Playstation 4


PlayStation® is 20 — and to celebrate, a limited edition version of the current console has been given a retro makeover, draped in the grey livery of the original Sony console.

The original Sony PlayStation® games console was released in Japan on 3 December 1994.A limited edition PS4™, pictured left, side-by-side with the original Sony PlayStation® console released in 1994.

The “Play Station®” name was originally tied to a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo in the 1980s while the two companies developed a new CD-ROM format, but Sony backed out. Sony’s Ken Kutaragi, later dubbed the “father of the PlayStation®” was nearly fired for his involvement with Nintendo, but managed to persuade Sony that gaming was not a fad. After its Japanese launch, the console landed in the US and Europe in September 1995.

Video About Sony PlayStation®4

The 32-bit console went head-to-head with the Nintendo® 64 and the Sega® Saturn. With classic games like Wipeout, Tekken and Crash Bandicoot winning gamers to Sony® it was the first video game console to sell 100 million units.

Before games for the original console were finally discontinued in March 2006, the console spawned a smaller model, the PS One®, as well as two handheld devices, the PlayStation® Portable and PlayStation® Vita. It was succeeded by the PlayStation® 2 in 2000, the PS3™ in 2006 and the PS4™ last year.

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Source: Rich Trenholm

Image Source: videogamedemons