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Malware Protection

Bitdefender Study Shows That 1/3 of Americans Don’t Use It

Americans Don’t Use Malware Protection

Malware Protection:

Malware is a software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.More than one third of Americans don’t use basic malware protection revealed by Bitdefender study. Find out why here.

malware protection

Advanced security technologies such as VPN and two-factor authentication are used by less than one in 10 Americans.

One in three US-based computer users don’t use an antivirus solution, according to a survey carried by Romanian antivirus vendor Bitdefender in September. Only 67.3 percent of respondents are protected by an antivirus solution.

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The study also finds that young females (aged 18 to 29) are the least interested in securing their computers or smart devices. In contrast, adult male computer users (aged 30 to 44) are extremely concerned about their online security and complement their antivirus solution with extra technologies such as VPN or data backup.

The number of malware incidents reported by the interviewed subjects reflects the poor state of security on their devices — 46.9 percent said their home devices have been infected with malware, while 7 percent encountered malware infections at work. 19.2 percent of the study respondents don’t know if their devices have ever been infected.

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Source: Bogdan Botezatu

Image Source: Cory Doctorow