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Manual Hijacking

Google Reveals Inner Workings of Manual Hijacking

Best of Google

Google did a study about the workings of manual hijacking

In Google’s study, the firm gets up close and personal with hijackers that target not businesses or governments, but you personally. Find out more about it here.

google manual hijacking

Our digital identity is more important than ever. The data that can be traced back to us can include social media contacts, messages, our work details, bank accounts and purchase patterns.

So, it’s no surprise when a recent poll in the US found that citizens were more concerned about online accounts being hijacked than their houses being robbed — if you have insurance, goods can be replaced. If you lose an online account, you’re at risk not only of losing the account forever — but the heartbreak of identity theft.

Video About Manual Hijacking

One of the most common methods to take control of an account is mass hijacking. In this case, an automated process uses compromised systems to send out countless spam messages, malware, and phishing campaigns to add more hijacked accounts to the roster. In other cases, state-sponsored attacks target political institutions, universities, governments and corporations to access accounts and steal sensitive data or act as a gateway to spy on networks.

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Source: Charlie Osborne

Image Source: Thomas van de Weerd