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Mobile phone security breach

Mobile phone security breached

Mobile phone security breached at the network

Mobile phone networks are the most typical example of cellular networks, responsible for highly secured communication from one point to another. These mobile phone networks serve as carriers of our conversations via text, multimedia, or voice messaging that generally are transmitted safely through cellular sites. Unbeknown to most people, there is a huge security flaw in mobile phone network based communication, enabling people to steal or monitor all of your phone calls and text conversations. Researchers believe there is a fault somewhere in between.

huge flaw in mobile phone network security

In the last year or so there’s been a lot of bad news about how intelligence agencies and hackers can exploit weaknesses in internet communications to snoop upon our conversations and private messages.

Indeed, such has been the avalanche of revelations that it’s not uncommon at all to hear security researchers advise you to turn off your phone’s WiFi, and communicate via regular calls vand SMS messages instead because of the 3G phone network’s built-in advanced encryption.

Well, there’s bad news folks…

Two German security researchers have uncovered what they claim are serious security flaws that could allow criminals and intelligence agencies to spy upon private phone calls and text messages transmitted via cellular networks.


Video Mobile Phone Security Breach

The problem it appears is in Signal System 7 (SS7), a global telecom network that you may never have heard of, but which assists phone carriers around the world route your calls and text messages.

The Washington Post reported that researchers Tobias Engel and Karsten Nohl discovered security holes in some of SS7’s functions normally used for keeping calls connected as they “speed down highways, switching from cell tower to cell tower.”

The belief is that national intelligence agencies are likely to be conducted similar research and could be exploiting the security holes to gather information – something which could potentially impact users around the globe:

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Image Source: Natesh Ramasamy