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Talking Virus

New strain of the latest Talking Virus alert!

A Talking Virus New Strain.

Virus removal is the only solution.

The latest type of virus is now talking to you on your computer.  You will get an annoying pop up prompting you to call a certified technician and you are given a toll free number to call ….. which is a incorrect number by the way on this particular version, but there will be many many similar virus’s out there.

Chances are they will demand money and tell you the virus will be removed in the next 24 hours which gets you off the phone enabling them to rinse your bank account


Here is a sample of the recorded message that just plays continuously over a loop.


You will notice that all you keys on your keypad cease to work, so you are frozen out of your computer. None of the commands work either.  This virus opens other ports leaving the floodgates open to further attacks.

It is a very clever virus and will fool a lot of people in to paying for a quick fix. But beware once they have your credit card details who knows what will happen. You don’t know these people, so you should not give them any card details as it is a con.


In reality you need to have a good anti-virus and need to be careful about the sites you visit and cautious of any emails you open. Find a trustworthy computer repair shop, or ask a friend for a recommendation if you don’t know any.

If you have been affected by this or any other form of virus please bring your computer into us for repair or call Crawley Computer Centre on 01293 618 318 for advice on virus removal