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Facebook Scams & Hoaxes

Facebook Scams & Hoaxes Top 10

Facebook Scams & Hoaxes

List of Facebook Scams & Hoaxes

Here are top 10 Facebook scams & hoaxes and how to recognize them in 3 seconds. Find out more about this issues here.

facebook scams and hoaxes

This is the scam of a thousand faces. Stalkers, peekers, greatest admirers, exes haunting you, people with a secret crush on you….or simple statistics of your profile visitors (broken down by gender)….this is the social engineering arsenal that resurfaces now and then.

It’s a never ending story still riding high and reeling in hundreds of users. Facebook DOES NOT allow any app to compute such statistics, so don’t give in to this temptation.

The grass is always greener and Facebook is always blue? Scammers have the thing for you:

Video About Facebook Scams and Hoaxes

At best, the final steps of these semi-scams take you to sites providing various add-ons which, once installed in your browser, make your account appear different. It’s like looking at a black horse through a white striped window and saying you see a zebra. You can have your zebra, as long as you make sure the add-on you download does nothing more than help you see virtual reality according to your sense of style.

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Source: Ioana Jelea

Image Source: Don Hankins