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Apple iOS 8.3

Apple iOS 8.3 with new features and fixes

Apple iOS 8.3

Apple released iOS 8.3 today with several bug fixes and a few new additions and you can update now by going to Software Update on your iOS devices.

Apple iOS 8.3

With iOS 7, Apple took its aging mobile OS and gave it a much more modern look and added new features, such as Control Centre, that made it quicker and easier to use. With the next version, iOS 8, it’s arguably the biggest change the company has made, taking the work it did before and adding a ton of new features that dramatically change (and improve) the way it works, particularly if you own multiple Apple devices. Since the launch of the new OS, we’ve updated this review to reflect the changes in the latest version, iOS 8.3, which introduces some new features.

Video About Apple iOS 8.3

As with other Apple updates, it’s available for free and for a wide range of older devices. See how to install iOS 8 for more information on preparing your device and for compatibility information. With the new OS comes new features, which will need new apps to make the most of them. Check out our best iOS 8 apps for more information.

iOS 8.3

Only a month or so after iOS 8.2 came out (see below for more details), Apple has released iOS 8.3. Again, there’s not a lot in there that will make a lot of differences to most people, but in the UK it means that we finally get Wi-Fi Calling on EE, which works on the Phone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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