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Nexus 5

Nexus 5 review: Now with Android 5.1

Nexus 5 Review

The Google Nexus 5 has LTE for multiple carriers, a sleek and solid build, and an excellent price. It makes crystal-clear calls, battery life is long, and integration of Google Now is deep and wide.

nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is offically over, with Google stating on the Play Store that ‘The Nexus 5 is no longer available for purchase’. We’re a little sad to be honest as this was, and continues to be, an excellent handset for those who want a vanilla Android experience. It’s just received an update too, with Android 5.1 now available with a number of handy tweaks.

Video About Nexus 5

At launch almost everything about the Nexus 5’s specification was top-drawer, from its Snapdragon 800 processor to its Full HD screen and the very latest version of Android. Phones with this kind of specification usually cost more than £500 SIM-free, but the Nexus 5, astonishingly, was £200 cheaper than that.

It’s held out pretty well over the last 18 months too, the offical price ended at £299 but you can find one on eBay for about £250 new or £180 second-hand. At these prices it’s still a serious contender if you’re looking for a SIM-free handset.

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Source:Chris Finnamore

Image Source:John Karakatsanis