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Sony Xperia M

The Colorful Sony Xperia M Review

Sony Xperia M

The 4G Xperia M comes in four colors (black, white, purple, and yellow), and offers a 4-inch display with a rather low 854×480-pixel resolution and 245ppi.

Sony Xperia M

The Sony Xperia M was released in 2013, bringing distinctive Sony design to a mid-range handset. It’s still available today on various contracts for around £10, but considering how far the smartphone sector has moved in the last year, is it still a phone you can live with for a two-year contract?

The Xperia M takes its design cues from Sony’s upper tier Xperia Z devices while attempting to keep costs down to cater for buyers on a budget. The Xperia M is surprisingly well built and disguises its cheapness with a soft, slightly rubberised shell which wraps around the device, giving the illusion of a unibody chassis. The round, silver power button is a distinctive design choice and does rather stick out both visually and physically, and can be an annoyance when idly holding the phone in your right hand – we found we sometimes pressed it accidentally. At 9.3mm thick and weighing 115g, the M will fit comfortably in almost any pocket.

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The phone’s 4in, 480×854 pixel TFT touch screen is a little disappointing, as it’s not as bright nor has the colour accuracy of other similarly-priced phones; our calibrator measured it as showing 81.1% of the sRGB colour gamut, which is one of the lower scores we’ve seen, even among budget handsets. The screen’s resolution is acceptable for most uses, with even small text appearing fairly crisp and legible. Performance in bright daylight is good, with the auto brightness setting managing to respond rapidly to changing lighting conditions.

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