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Computer Virus

There are many hoaxes, scams and urban legends out there.  If you get an email with a warning or ‘helpful advice’ suggesting you should forward it on to all of your friends and family immediately the chances are it’s a hoax.

It is difficult to determine why hoaxers circulate fictitious information, it could potentially be for the knowledge that people have fallen for the story and forwarded the message on.  Hoax messages are likened to those deface websites to display their own name or tag graffiti on a wall.

Video about Computer Virus Hoax

We also do not recommend participating in ’email petitions’, these are easily falsified so the intended end recipient will generally not take it seriously.  If you feel strongly about something we recommend using the legitimate sites such as HM Government E-Petitions where your views will really count.  Also emails which are forwarded multiple times may have many email addresses contained within the history so if it is a scam its likely your email address will simply be passed onto spammers.

Scams are more ominous, there is a financial motivation behind the email, usually to trick the recipient in handing over credit card or bank details.

If you are unsure if the email you have received is a hoax or scam, select a few key words from the email and search on the Internet there will usually be a report verifying if it is legitimate or fake.  If you are still not sure contact Crawley Computer Centre and we will be happy to give our opinion on its legitimacy.


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